Competency enhancement courses -RCM Focussed


Which course is right for you


Our courses can be tailored made design based on target audience's training needs . The competency  levels describe how the information in the course has been tailored to match the intended audience. 


Types of Competency Level


Awareness: Tailored for non-technical professionals who need overview of technical topics and broad understanding of a functional domain. 

Foundation: Geared to technical professionals, including Engineering, Operation and Maintenance engineers, Managers, Technical Services Engineers, Project Engineers, Planning Engineers, Turnaround Managers, Construction Managers, Reliability and Integrity engineers or safety and operational Risks Management professionals, who need an introduction to technical theory, techniques and their practical applications,. Foundation courses frequently include exercises that require advanced understanding or abilities in mathematics and physics. 

Skill: Designed for practicing technical professionals who are experienced in the technical disciplines or are seeking to cross train. 

Advanced: Engineered for experienced professionals who need to focus on new techniques, the latest best practices, or complex solutions to solve challenging or niche technical problems. 

(Keywords: Engineering, operation ,maintenance, Turnaround management, best practices,skill, advanced techniques,construction, project engineers,managers,professionals)


List of alphabetically arranged courses

  1. Achieving ZERO Breakdowns by proactive Maintenance Strategy
  2. Advanced Maintenance Management
  3. Advanced Mechanics of Materials
  4. Advanced Process Safety
  5. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  6. Air Coolers and Cooling Towers
  7. An Introduction to Process Plant Start-up & Troubleshooting
  8. Anti-friction and Maintenance
  9. Anti-Surge- CCC for Control
  10. API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspection Code
  11. API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector Examinations and Certification Course
  12. API 570: Piping Inspection Code
  13. API 571 Damage Mechanism
  14. API 579 Fitness for Services (FFS) Evaluation of Pressure Vessels and Equipment
  15. API 653 Familiarization Course
  16. API 653 Tank Inspection Code
  17. API 936-Refractory Inspection Code
  18. Advanced Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Hazards and Operability Studies (HAZOP)
  19. Artificial Intelligence and Its Application in Petroleum Industry
  20. ASME Process Piping valve, Flanges Classes
  21. A systematic Approach for Identification of Critical Equipments (Health, Safety, Environment and Production)
  22. Audit & Inspection of Maintenance system
  23. Alignment
  24. An Introduction to Process Plant Start-up & Troubleshooting
  25. Basic of Gas Compression Dehydration/Conditioning
  26. Basic Of Gas / Compression Flow Measurement / Calculation and Reporting
  27. Basic Pumps Technology
  28. Basic Principles for the control of corrosion in buried metal structures by Cathodic Protection
  29. Bearing & Bearing failures
  30. Bearing Lubrication and Maintenance
  31. Bearings Lubrication and Gear Boxes
  32. Best Practices in Maintenance : TPM or RCM
  33. Best Maintenance Practices of Gas Turbine and Steam Turbines
  34. Best Maintenance Practices of Centrifugal Compressors
  35. Best Maintenance Practices of Screw Compressors
  36. Best Maintenance Practices of Reciprocating Compressors
  37. Best Maintenance Practices of Axial flow fans and blowers
  38. Best Maintenance Practices of Centrifugal Pumps, rotary pumps and positive displacement Pumps
  39. Best Maintenance Practices of Mechanical Seals and sealing system for Centrifugal and Rotary pumps
  40. Best Maintenance Practices of Flexible and rigid couplings
  41. Best Maintenance Practices of Rotating Machinery Alignment
  42. Best Maintenance Practices of Equipment foundation and equipment soft foot.
  43. Best Maintenance Practices of Short-term and long term preservation of insurance and other critical Spares
  44. Best Engineering Practices of Flange tightening
  45. Best Engineering Practices of Welding and Heat treatment
  46. Best Engineering Practices of Gaskets-types, Materials of construction and applications
  47. Best Engineering Practices of Fasteners-materials of constructions and applications
  48. Best Engineering Practices of Piping System and piping supports inspection
  49. Best Engineering Practices of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
  50. Best Engineering Practices of Plate type Heat Exchanger and Double pipe Heat Exchanger
  51. Best Engineering Practices of HOT Tapping and On Line Sealing
  52. Best Engineering Practices of Cathodic Protection Systems
  53. Best Work shop Practices: Retubing of exchangers, Repair of rotors/shafts/fabrication
  54. Blowers & Compressor
  55. Blowers, Compressors and Turbochargers: Operation, Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  56. Boiler and Steam Generator
  57. Boiler and Steam Turbine
  58. Boiler Controller & Burner Management System
  59. Boiler Design, Operation & Maintenance
  60. Boiler Feed Water Treatment
  61. Boiler Operation & Control
  62. Boiler Operation & Maintenance
  63. Boiler Operation & Water Treatment
  64. Boiler Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  65. Boiler Operation, Water Treatment, Sea Water Distillation
  66. Boiler Technology
  67. Boiler Water Treatment
  68. Boiler Water Treatment & Desalination
  69. Boiler Water Treatment & Steam Generation
  70. Boilers: Design, Operation, Control and Management
  71. Carbonate Reservoirs
  72. Casting Technology
  73. Cathodic Protection- Guideline on Application, selection, and design
  74. Centrifugal Compressor : Maintenance and Failure Analysis
  75. Centrifugal Compressor & Steam Turbine Design, Operation and Maintenance
  76. Centrifugal Compressor Operations
  77. Centrifugal Compressor Operations & Maintenance
  78. Centrifugal Compressor: Maintenance & Trouble Shooting
  79. Centrifugal Gas Compressors
  80. Centrifugal Pumps Operation & Maintenance
  81. Coating Inspection
  82. Combined Cycle Power Plant System
  83. Combustion in Furnaces Boiler and Unit Efficiencies
  84. Combustion Techniques
  85. Compressor & Steam Turbine Technology
  86. Compressor Major Inspection & Overhaul
  87. Compressor Troubleshooting & Fault Diagnosis
  88. Compressors Control & Operation
  89. Compressors Operation & Troubleshooting
  90. Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
  91. Condition Monitoring/Maintenance
  92. Control & Operation of Centrifugal Gas Compressor
  93. Control & Safety Valves
  94. Control and Operation of Industrial Gas Turbines
  95. Control Logic Fundamental and Maintenance
  96. Control of Substance Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
  97. Control Safety Relieve Valves
  98. Control Valve Maintenance, Operation & Valve Selection Techniques
  99. Control Valves
  100. Control Valves and PSVs, Selection and sizing, Flow Orifice principles and sizing equations & Measuring Instrumentation principles
  101. Control Valves, Actuators and Positioners
  102. Conveyor Belts
  103. Cooling Tower Operation
  104. Cooling Towers
  105. Corrosion Awareness
  106. Corrosion Control in Boiler & Steam Generation Systems
  107. Corrosion Control in Refining , petrochemicals and chemical process ,oil & gas Industry
  108. Corrosion for Non Corrosion Engineers
  109. Corrosion in the Oil & Gas Industry
  110. Corrosion Inhibition Principles & Management
  111. Corrosion Metallurgy & Failure Prevention
  112. Corrosion Monitoring
  113. Corrosion Monitoring & Inhibitor Injection in Oil & Gas Fields
  114. Corrosion of Iron & Steel Structures
  115. Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel and Reinforced Concrete
  116. Corrosion Prevention in Oil & Gas Industry
  117. Corrosion Resistant Painting, Coating and Lining
  118. Corrosion Management - A Top Management important initiative in Refinery, oil & gas, petrochemical and
  119. power sector industries
  120. Corrosion under Insulation in Austenitic and Duplex Stainless Steel
  121. Cryogenic Liquids & Risk Management
  122. Cryogenic Pumping (Operation and Maintenance)
  123. Decision Making and Decision Tree Technique
  124. Design & Inspection of Refractory
  125. Design & Inspection of Refractory/ Fireproofing Materials in petrochemicals, refining and oil & gas industry
  126. Design and Engineering of Safe Plant Operation
  127. Developing & Applying Standard for Instrumentation & Control Documentation, P&I Diagrams Equipment Datasheets etc.
  128. Dry Gas Seal
  129. Enterprise Asset Management -A Strategy for Profitability-Methodical Approach
  130. Equipment /process/procedure design changes through MOC (Management of Change)
  131. Engineering Drawing & Codes
  132. Engineering Drawings, Codes & Standards
  133. Engineering Economy
  134. Engineering Fundamentals
  135. Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis -FMECA
  136. Failure Mode Effect Analysis -FMEA
  137. Fans & Blowers: Selection, Operation, Maintenance and Applications
  138. Fired Process Heater Operation, Control
  139. Fired Process Heater Operation, Control and Troubleshooting
  140. Fitness for Service (FFS) for Piping & Pressure
  141. Flow Measurement
  142. Flow Measurement & Flow Meters
  143. Flow Measurements Techniques/ Meter Types and Selection
  144. Fluid Mechanics
  145. Fluid Mechanics (Including Single and Multi-Phase Flow)
  146. Foundations for Introducing and Implementing Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  147. Frame 5 & 6 Gas Turbine Operation and Maintenance
  148. Fuel Combustion
  149. Functional Safety
  150. Fundamental of Refinery Catalytic Process
  151. Fundamentals of Industrial Coatings & Non-Metallic materials application in Chemical & Petrochemical Industries
  152. Fundamentals of Metal Cutting and High Speed Machining
  153. Fundamentals of Pipe System (fabricator)
  154. Furnace Operation and Troubleshooting
  155. Gas & Steam Turbines Plants: Design, Performance and Monitoring
  156. Gas and Steam Turbine
  157. Gas Turbine : Operation Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  158. Gas Turbine Frame 5 Maintenance & Inspection
  159. Gas Turbine Frame V &VI maintenance & Inspection
  160. Gas Turbine Operation and Inspection
  161. Gas Turbine Operation and Troubleshooting
  162. Gas Turbine Operation, Maintenance and Inspection
  163. Gas Turbine Operations for Operator
  164. Gas Turbine Protection: Inspection Control, and Monitoring
  165. Gas Turbines
  166. Gas Turbines : Design, Performance and Reliability
  167. Gas Turbines Major Components, Design and Construction
  168. Gaseous Hydrogen Embrittlement of Materials
  169. GE Gas Turbine MS 5001
  170. Gear Boxes, Bearing & Lubricant & Mechanical Seals
  171. General Operation Maintenance of Mechanical Equipment
  172. GT Frames 5-Maint and Inspection
  173. GT Maintenance & Inspection
  174. Heat Exchanger Design & Performance & Operations
  175. Heat Exchanger, Shell & Tube, Plate & Frame, Reboilers and Air Coolers
  176. Heat Exchangers
  177. Heat Exchangers Cooling Water System in Power Plant
  178. Heat Exchangers Operation & Maintenance
  179. Heat Exchangers: Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Design, Operation, Control and Troubleshooting
  180. Heat Transfer Equipment & Basics of Corrosion
  181. Heat Transfer Equipment (Including Selection, Sizing Calculation, Etc)
  182. High – Compression Diesel and Gas Engines: Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  183. High- Compression Diesel & Gas Engine Operation, Maintenances & Trouble Shooting
  184. High Speed Machining
  185. High Temperature Hydrogen Attack and control measures
  186. HSB (High speed Balance ) Checks of Compressors and Turbine Rotors
  187. Industrial Gas Turbines Operation, Troubleshooting & Maintenance
  188. Industrial Process Control
  189. Integrity Management in Oil & Gas Industries
  190. Interpretation of Engineering Drawing
  191. Introducing and Implementing Proactive Preventive Maintenance Programs
  192. Introduction to Gas Turbine & Compressor Control
  193. Introduction to Process Safety Systems
  194. Introduction to Project Engineering
  195. Introduction to Rotor Dynamics
  196. Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Steam Boilers
  197. Integrity Management of assets.
  198. John Crane Dry Gas Seal
  199. Layer of Protection Analysis
  200. LSB (Low speed Balance ) Checks of Compressors and Turbine Rotors
  201. Lubrication (tribology)
  202. Limits, Fits, Tolerances and allowances in machine parts
  203. Machine Alignment and Condition Monitoring
  204. Machine Failure Analysis & Prevention
  205. Machinery Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Methodologies
  206. Machinery Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting
  207. Machinery Vibration & Condition Monitoring
  208. Machinery Vibration Monitoring & Analysis
  209. Magnetic Bearings & Rotor Dynamic Analysis - Introduction
  210. Maintenance of Refrigeration Air Conditioning
  211. Maintenance Of Valves & Testing Technology
  212. Maintenance Operation & Control of gas Turbine
  213. Maintenance Planning
  214. Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
  215. Maintenance Planning and Management
  216. Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) of the Process Plant
  217. Managing Efficient Shutdown & Turnaround
  218. Management of Change –An Important approach of Management to ensure safety and reliability
  219. Managing Projects
  220. Manufacturing Processes
  221. Material Properties
  222. Material Selection for Oil & Gas, Refineries and petrochemical plants.
  223. Mechanical Seals
  224. Mechanical Seals & Dry Seals
  225. Mechanical Seals Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  226. Mechanical Seals: Designs, Application, Selection, Installation, Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  227. Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists
  228. Microbiological Corrosion in Oilfields , refinery, petrochemical and chemical process industry
  229. Molecular Sieves
  230. Numerical Methods for Engineers
  231. Oil & Gas Construction Project Risk Management
  232. Operating Management System- A system approach for safe ,reliable ,compliant and competitive operation in Hydrocarbon process plants
  233. Oil & Gas P/Line Integrity & Maintenance
  234. Oil & Gas Project Management
  235. Oil Spill
  236. Oil Spill Awareness
  237. Oil-Water Separation
  238. Operation Troubleshooting Control and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) of Pumps, Turbines and Compressors
  239. P & ID Reading Interpretation Developing
  240. Petroleum Tanker Safety
  241. Pipe Work Design & Fabrication
  242. Pipeline Fabrication and Maintenance
  243. Pipeline Integrity & Corrosion Control
  244. Piping and Valves: Design, Construction, Operation, Protection and Integrity
  245. Piping Design, Construction & Mechanical Integrity
  246. Plant Operation, Commissioning & Start-Up
  247. Physical Asset optimization – A business oriented; profit centered Approach directed to attaining greatest lifetime effectiveness
  248. Preservation of Idle equipments
  249. Predictive Maintenance
  250. Predictive Maintenance PdM : from reactive to proactive maintenance
  251. Pressure Safety, Relief Valves And Rupture Discs
  252. Pressure Vessels Design and Repair
  253. Preventive & Predictive Maintenance for Overhead Lines
  254. Preventive Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Rotating Machinery
  255. Preventive Maintenance Planning, Metrics and Benchmarking
  256. Prestart-Up Safety Review (PSSR)- A systematic Approach to ensure safe and Reliable Commissioning
  257. Process Equipment, Fired Heater, Air Cooler s, Heat Exchangers, Pumps, Compressors.
  258. Process Fire Heaters
  259. Process Gas Plant Start-Up Commissioning Problems Solving
  260. Process Heaters
  261. Process Plant Start up , Commissioning & Troubleshooting
  262. Process Safety Management
  263. Project State and Steady State Maintenance Management
  264. Project and construction Management.
  265. Project Management in Oil & Gas and petrochemical industry
  266. Proactive Maintenance (Lubrication Program, PdM based Preventive Maintenance, Overhaul Maintenance, Changeover Maintenance)
  267. Protective Coatings for Steam & Gas Turbine
  268. Pump Operation, & Troubleshooting
  269. Pumps & Compressors In-Service (Operation & Maintenance )
  270. Pumps and Compressors
  271. Pumps and Compressors in Oil and Gas Facilities
  272. Pumps and Compressors: Design, Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  273. Pumps and Compressors: Operation, Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  274. Pumps Application ,Selection, and Sizing, Operation, Troubleshooting, Performance Etc.
  275. Pumps Maintenance & Mechanical Seals
  276. Pumps Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  277. Pumps Technology – Operation & Troubleshooting
  278. RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) Engineering Principles and Practices For energy sector industry
  279. RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) Engineering Principles and Practices For Compressors
  280. RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) Engineering Principles and Practices For Pumping Systems
  281. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology
  282. Reliability centered design and maintenance Engineering.
  283. Reliability based Maintenance Strategy for Refinery, oil & gas, petrochemical and power generation
  284. Industries.
  285. Reliability Centered Design –A modern approach for achieving optimum Life cycle Cost
  286. Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) Engineering Principles and Practices For Gas Turbines
  287. Reliability Centered Maintenance –RCM
  288. Reliability Centered risk based Maintenance
  289. Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) Engineering for Power Plants - Principles and Practices
  290. Reliability, Availability ,Maintainability and Risk management in process industry
  291. Reducing the Risk of High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA) Failures
  292. Risk Assessment & Management
  293. RBI-(Risk Based Inspection) & Maintenance of process equipment and piping system
  294. Risk Based proactive Maintenance
  295. Risk Management in Engineering Projects
  296. Root Cause Failure Analysis RCFA
  297. Rotating Equipment
  298. Rotating Equipment Course-Operation of Steam & Gas Turbine (including performance calculation and monitoring, cause and effect diagrams, isotropic efficiency, troubleshooting, etc..)
  299. Rotating Equipment: Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
  300. Rotating Equipment-Pumps, Fans, Blowers and Compressors
  301. Rotating Machinery- Operations and Maintenance
  302. Rotating Machinery Vibration
  303. Rotating Machinery, Turbine & Compressor Control
  304. Safe Isolation Of Process Plant Equipment
  305. Safety Engineering and Risk Management
  306. Scaffolding fundamentals, function of different members, design, application and safe installation as per international standards.
  307. Shaft Alignment
  308. Shaft Alignment and Vibration Analysis
  309. Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger: Mechanical and Thermal Design
  310. Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger: Mechanical and Thermal Design, Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  311. Shutdown and Turnaround Management- key challenges including scope management, Maintenance, Lessons learned from past TA,
  312. Shutdown Planning & Turnaround Management
  313. Spare parts Management and optimization of MRO- inventory
  314. Steam Turbine Maintenance
  315. Steam Turbines Operation Control & Maintenance
  316. Ten Golden Rules of Safety applicable for all types of process Industries.
  317. The Tribology of Machine
  318. The best practices to control fatigue failure of machined parts
  319. Thermal Insulation and Refractory Materials for Refineries, Petrochemical and Power Generation Plants
  320. Total Plant Reliability and General Maintenance
  321. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Implementation Steps and Process Improvement Tools
  322. Turbine Engineering
  323. Turbine Major Inspection & Overhaul
  324. Turbine, Generator, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  325. Turbo Expanders
  326. Turnaround Optimization
  327. Twin Screw Extruders- Fundamentals, Technology and Application
  328. Use of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS ) for Maintenance Planning and Management
  329. Valve Technology ( Selection, Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting )
  330. Valve Maintenance
  331. Valve Maintenance & Technology
  332. Valve Operation and Maintenance
  333. Valve Technology/Maintenance & Troubleshooting.
  334. Valve Types: Operation & Applications
  335. Valves: Safety Relief Valves: Selection, Operation and Maintenance
  336. Vibration Analysis
  337. Vibration Systems & Machinery Health Monitoring
  338. Welding Inspection
  339. Welding Technology: Metallurgy Aspects, Safety, and Quality
  340. ZERO Breakdowns Maintenance Strategy

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